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More People Are Planning Ahead

The reasons are simple and they make good sense. You have the opportunity to relieve your family from the financial burden of paying for funeral expenses, and quite simply, make your wishes and desires known in advance of need. 

There are countless benefits to making funeral and cremation arrangements in advanced: 

  • Freedom to choose any Preferred Arizona 
       Funeral Provider 
  • Price comparisons available upon request 
  • Fixed price funeral contracts 
  • Asset Protection

Funeral planning at the time of need is a difficult process involving emotional stress, financial decision making and uncertainty. Without some guidance, the options and
information surrounding funerals and arrangement planning
can seem overwhelming at an already complicated time.
It makes sense to plan well in advance and avoid such difficulty.

Travel Protection Available

Are you planning a trip? Are you protected if something happens while you are away from home?  
Find out more at [email protected].

Good Reasons to Pre-Plan Your Final Arrangements 

  • Save your loved ones the burden of difficult decisions at the         time of your death
  • Spend less money by choosing ahead of time the services and      merchandise which best suit your wishes
  • Protect your assets. Attorneys and Estate Planners agree that        pre-funding your funeral arrangements is a good way to              provide for your final expenses while keeping your assets
       intact for your beneficiaries
  • Find that values increase over time—your pre-funded plan          actually accrues interest to offset the cost of inflation
  • Pre-funded plans may be exempt from inclusion in your assets    when applying for Medicaid, SSI benefits, bankruptcy or            nursing home care
  • Transfer your plan with ease if you move out of state or               choose another funeral home
  • Payments fit your budget with many payment options for those    who qualify
  • Get peace of mind from knowing that all your arrangements are     in place before the time of need
  • Free trial for 30 days lets you make an unpressured decision